Advantages And Disadvantages of Trackball – All About Trackball

advantages of trackball - disadvantages of trackball, working, principle, types

Advantages And Disadvantages of Trackball – All About Trackball

The trackball was used in the year 1960’s. Almost, 68 years are now completed for the trackball developed by Tom Cranston along his friends. At that time, touch mouse, or other types of mouse don’t work. The best time was for trackball that time. After 1966, different companies started to create different types of trackball in X and Y direction. Logitech and Kensington are two trackballs that are recently developing in 2013. The main advantage of Logitech, there is narrow product line and divide it into two models. In this tutorial, we will see, What is Trackball? A formal definition of trackball? Why is Trackball no more? What are the advantages of trackball? What are the disadvantages of trackball? How can trackball make our life easy?

Before moving towards the actual presentation of our work, we will take a look at How trackball changes the technology rapidly? From the past analysis, we have seen that Computer games have used trackballs more for gaming purposes. This was the best part of the advantages of trackball over a mouse. No doubt, we can’t say that Mouse has less power or are minimum features than trackball. Trackball takes less space rather than mouse. It is one of these advantages of trackball.

What Is TrackBall? Types of TrackBall

A trackball is a pointing device works similar to the mouse and provide maximum output in less space. There are balls on the top and sides of the trackball. And, you have to use these balls for proper functioning or fulfilling the requirements of using the System. Trackball found in different shapes, sometimes, you have to use your thumb to go for a specific position in Windows. Therefore, we must say that shape and softness attracts the users still and therefore, they prefer it over a mouse.

What are the Advantages of Trackball?

We will go this in detail that what are the advantages of the trackball in the form of bullets points because it is easy to read and understand:

  • A trackball is static or you can say it is stationary and it does not require too much space.
  • Moreover, trackball does not require any surface, you can freely use this on your lap. As we see in the mouse that sometimes, you have to choose a particular surface for using the mouse.
  • The main advantage of a trackball is, you don’t need to move the whole mouse, just drag the ball.
  • For only dragging the ball instead of full pad make the space limited to work instead of large space.
  • This is more beneficial for the users who are suffering from arthritis as well as carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Footprints are small in trackballs instead of in trackball.
  • Use trackball as a remote, it performs on beds, couch etc. As well you don’t need to place it in a constant place.
  • In most of the trackballs, buttons are well organized according to the rules of Human-Computer Interaction.
  • Interfaces of these devices easy to understand and have more learnability.

What are DisAdvantages of Trackball?

As we mentioned above the advantages of trackball, now let discuss the disadvantages of trackball. After this, we will take a quick look at Working of TrackBall as well as principle of trackball. In this section, we will see that are trackballs really expensive? Why is it difficult to use sometimes?

Trackballs Are Expensive

Nowadays there are shortages of trackball but trackballs are expensive if we talk about trackball vs mouse. There are many reasons why is it expensive? The main reason is types of equipment. Trackball requires more material and take more time to make because not having a plan surface. In the mouse, there is no ball so you can make plan surface and take fewer expenditures.

  • The most expensive model takes $130 for each trackball which one is the biggest disadvantage of trackball.

Few Control Limitation in TrackBalls(Limitation od disadvantages of trackball)

If you are a regular mouse user, then it will make difficult for regular mouse users to control trackball. For example, it is difficult to drag the folders, files in Windows using trackball. On the other hand, to cut and paste the data or folders, it takes time. We have seen the working limitation of a trackball, let’s see how it makes difficult for users as physical.

  • It sizes are bigger than the mouse, users with small hand feel difficult to use larger trackballs.
  • Many trackballs are in bigger shape rather than small.
  • You may have to compress the fingers to use it.
  • If you use a trackball for a long time, then it can cause your thumb reactions badly. In the sense that, if you are not using trackball, you will feel that you are moving your thumb constantly.

Working of TrackBall (How trackball works)

As we mentioned, trackballs appear in different shapes. Also, there is a ball which helps in moving the cursor on the screen. The major working of trackball is, it works on the sensors, there are sensors in trackball which gives direction. It provides the buttons on the trackball as a user moves the ball or press the thumb point button, the function of trackball works.

Therefore, the trackball is more precise and still use in many industries.

There is a ball in a center which allows the cursor to move to a specific place.

Applications of Trackball/Uses of Trackball

Trackball still working in the field of air-traffic controlling. Pilots still use this trackball because it does not require more space to move here and there like a mouse.

  • Computer games for very sensitive games still use this trackball for only precision reasons.(advantages of trackball)
  • In internet access terminals, it is used as public interest of figures.
  • In different departments like laboratories where access to doing the work in no time, their trackball use. For example, T-Mobile Sidekick 3 use a lot as advantages of trackball.
  • Many early HTC phones and previously if we talk about blackberry, trackball used in those devices.
  • For accurate, precision and quick response, trackballs used in laboratories.

Can We Use TrackBalls For Gaming Purposes In 2018?

It completely depends on the games that how comfortable they are with trackball vs mouse. If you don’t have standard gaming mouse then we can say that you have to switch back to trackball. Go for getting the trackball, check either your hands fit on the trackballs. And, it fulfills the requirements of Human-Computer Interaction, then buys otherwise not include the advantages of trackball.

What have we concluded about TrackBalls?

We have seen above that How trackballs work? What are the trackball advantages and disadvantages? types of trackball as well. If you have any query about trackball or any problem, feel free to write your question.

If you have any Question related to Technology, Let us know in the Comment Section. We are appreciated your feedback.


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