How to Make a lead in Minecraft 2019

How to Make a lead in Minecraft

How to Make a lead in Minecraft 2019

In this tutorial or article, we will explain how to craft lead with screenshots. Lead is an item in the Minecraft that is used to collect by different players of the hame. Sometimes, it is difficult to know for many players that How to Make a lead in Minecraft. Don’t worry, we will explain in short time that How easy to make a lead in Minecraft. Moreover, to make lead you just need 4 Strings and 1 slimeball. It is easy and you can collect more than 1 lead as well. Furthermore, you just need platforms to apply this.

On the other hand, you can use lead as a leash. The opposite end of the lead can likewise be fixing to a lead to fend off the swarm from running.

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Editions which are Support a lead in Minecraft?

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

Here you can see that there are different platforms on which lead supported or not supported. Therefore we are going to tell about How to Make a lead in Minecraft.

What is the Requirement/Material need to make a lead in Minecraft? Or How to Make a lead in Minecraft

To make a lead, you just need two materials that you need in a game for How to Make a lead in Minecraft. Here is the list of items:

  1. 4 Strings
  2. 1 Slimeball

Using these above materials you can use and make a lead. These all are not necessary to combine them all and make them a single lead. The option is once you made one lead then use another 4 strings and 1 ball to make other leads too.  Above two materials are necessary if you want to know How to Make a lead in Minecraft.

How to Open Craft lead In Survival Mode

There are few steps that you need to follow. For example, first of all, you have to open the crafting table that is a matrix of 3*3. If you don’t know how to open the crafting table then here is the article that is recommended for you.

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Step#1 Open the Crafting Table

First, you will open the crafting Menu then you will see to open the crafting table so that table will the combination of 3*3 blocks.

Step#2 Insert Items in Crafting Table to make a lead

You can see the grid in the crafting table which is a combination of 4 strings and 1 slimeball.

In the table, you have to add 4 strings and 1 slimeball in the grid of 3*3 matrix table. As you know that there are different kinds of Strings you can use any Strings depends on your choice. Using these, you will consider proper ways and explore your self to work on How to Make a lead in Minecraft.

Below is the Image. You have to make sure that 4 strings and 1 slimeball should place in the same order as it is.

How to Make a lead in Minecraft

There are four string in the table of 3*3 matrix table. First String is placed in a first row and first column. The second string is used in first row and second column. Similarly, 3 is on the second row and first column. Last four String is on the last box of last row and column. Slimeball is placed in the middle of a second and second column.

Step#3 How to Move lead to Inventory

Once the lead has been crafted using the above steps, you may need to move the new item to the below inventory. If you don’t know how to move the lead to inventory, you can see the below image to know about it and make a lead in a Minecraft.

A lead has been successfully created. its time for customization, there are different options available for customization using different colors.

How to Make a lead in Minecraft

Name, Id, and DataValue of each lead

Each lead has its own name, id, and datavalue for example if we take an example of an above lead. Moreover, you can make different or more than one lead. Then, it is easy to say that the above lead has its own name, id, and datavalue which make them unique from each lead.

There are few commands that you give to a lead.

/give @p lead 1

/give @p lead 1 0

Both Commands are for different editions of a lead to make it in Minecraft. Second command is used for 1.9, 1,10, 1,11, 1.12 editions. On the other hand, the first command is used for the 1.13 edition. Therefore, different commands run for different compatibility of the lead.

In the Long Run, What have we Concluded about making a Lead?

Again, if you follow the above method then we assure that you can make lead easily in Minecraft using a few clicks. So we learn How to Make a lead in Minecraft. If you have any query about this you can ask in comments for making a lead in Minecraft games or how to make a lead in Minecraft.

Also, let us know your experience about How to Make a lead in Minecraft?


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