How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ Without PC

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ Without PC

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ Without PC

Samsung S Pen is a toting phone and if you want to use or amazed by some more features from Samsung. Then we recommend to read Note 10 features and decide yourself. The Note10 is more most comfortable to hold as compared to other note phones in a series.

The design of the phone is more beautiful and unique. The best feature is, if you want to record the video, then quality and performance-wise, it is much better.

In Samsung History, Samsung has introduced first time two smartphones at a time. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Samsung Galaxy Note10+. The note 10plus has a larger display, and in general, it is bigger and comes with more upgrades.

If we compare the camera, then both phones have impressive camera settings.

What is Rooting Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+?

Rethink that why you want to root your note 10 and note 10? Why are the features you are looking for? Why, in general, Samsung Features you like most and not like much?

Rooting the Samsung Note10 and 10+ means you will lose the warranty, and you will get the complete admin access of the phone. It will easy for you delete, update and rename the applications in Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 plus.

Should I Root My Samsung Galaxy Note10 or Note10+?

The choice is in your hands. If you want to install such apps that require root, then it’s ok to root the phone because you need an app that more worthy than the phone’s warranty. Make sure you are installing the application which doesn’t have any harmful virus. So careful before installing it.

So the choice is yours, to be short, read the below advantages and disadvantages to root Note10 or Note10+.

Advantages of Rooting Samsung Note10 or Note10+ – Benefits of Rooting Samsung Galaxy Note10 or Note10+

In every root article, we discussed the pros and cons of rooting every phone. Let’s take a look at the advantages to Root the Samsung Note10 or Note10+.

  • You can handle the Note10 as you like.
  • Easy to rename the applications in Samsung Note10+.
  • Easy to Delete the already build applications in Galaxy Note 10+.
  • You can Install the Custom ROMs on Note10 or Note10+.
  • It eases the users to get GPU Access Functions in your Note10 or Note10+.

Disadvantages of Rooting Samsung Note10 or Note10+ – Cons of Rooting Samsung Galaxy Note10 or Note10+

  • It does not usually happen, but in rare cases, may your phone’s performance decrease. 
  • You will lose the Note10 Warranty,
  • Note 10+ warranty will be void.
  • Read the steps carefully before starting the root of Samsung Note10 or Note10+.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Note10 or Note10+

Before move on to the topic of how to root Samsung Galaxy Note10 or Note10+. We will discuss some of the common features of the phone:

  • Samsung Pay feature available and Dual SIM Slots.
  • 151 x 71.8 dimensions, and weight is only 168 g.
  • Dynamic AMOLED Display.
  • The screen size is 6.3 inches.
  • No SSD card slot memory.
  • The internal memory of the phone is 256GB, with 8GB RAM in Note 10+.
  • The triple camera and each camera is 12MP, and the other is 16MP. The selfie camera is also 10MP.