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How to Make a Shield in Minecraft 2019

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft 2019

Sheild is like a protector that helps in Minecraft games and can use to prevent from the player to the attacker. In this tutorial, I will explain in detail step by step that How to make a shield in Minecraft games. There are many versions in which shield is available. If you are using JAVA Edition then ofcourse it will help you to make a shield. On the other hand, in PS3 and PS4 you can’t make a shield because PS4 does not support to create a shield in the game. In this article, we will discuss and explain How to Make a Shield in Minecraft.

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Which edition Support a Sheild in Minecraft?

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

Here you can see that there are different platforms on which shield supported or not supported. Therefore we are going to tell about How to Make a Shield in Minecraft.

What is the Requirement/Material need to make a Shield in Minecraft? Or How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

There are seven materials that you need in a game for How to Make a Shield in Minecraft. Here is the list of items:

  1. Iron Ingot
  2. Oak Wood Planks
  3. Spruce Wood Planks
  4. Birch Wood Planks
  5. Jungle Wood Planks
  6. Acacia Wood Planks
  7. Dark Oak Wood Planks

These all are not necessary to combine them all and make them a single shield but you can do like join any of these two or three and compile to form a new shield. Above seven materials are necessary if you want to know How to Make a Shield in Minecraft.

Open Craft Shield In Survival Mode

There are few steps that you need to follow. For example, first of all, you have to open the crafting table that is a matrix of 3*3. If you don’t know how to open the crafting table then here is the article that is recommended for you.

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Step#1 Open the Crafting Table

First, you will open the crafting Menu then you will see to open the crafting table so that table will the combination of 3*3 blocks.

Step#2 Insert Items in Crafting Table to make a Shield

You can see the grid in the crafting table which is a combination of Iron ingot and wood planks.

In the table, you have to add single Iron ingot and six wood planks in the grid of 3*3 matrix table. As you know that there are different kinds of wood planks you can use any wood planks depends on your choice. For example, either use oak, acacia, spruce, jungle, dark oak, birch, or other. Using these, you will consider proper ways and explore your self to work on How to Make a Shield in Minecraft.

Below is the Image. You have to make sure that Iron ingot and wood planks should place in the same order as it is.

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

As you can see in the above image that in the first row, there is one Iron ingot in the middle or second column and other is filled with the wood planks. What you have to do now? You will have to fill the crafting area as shown in the image below. In the crafting area, place the wood planks on the right side.

Step#3 How to Move Shield to Inventory

Once the shield has been crafted using the above steps, you may need to move the new item to the below inventory. If you don’t know how to move the shield to inventory, you can see the below image to know about it and make a shield in a Minecraft.

Sheild has been successfully created. its time for customization, there are different options available for customization using different colors.

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

Name, Id, and DataValue of each shield

Each Shield has its own name, id, and datavalue for example if we take an example of an above shield that we had created. Then, it is easy to say that the above shield has its own name, id, and datavalue which make them unique from each shield.

There are few commands that you give to Shield.

/give @p shield 1

/give @p shield 1 0

Both Commands are for different editions of sheild to make it in Minecraft. Second command is used for 1.9, 1,10, 1,11, 1.12 editions. On the other hand, the first command is used for the 1.13 edition. Therefore, different commands run for different compatibility of the Sheild.

In the Long Run, What have we Concluded?

Again, if you follow the above method then we assure that you can make sheild easily in Minecraft using a few clicks. So we learn How to Make a Shield in Minecraft. If you have any query about this you can ask in comments for making a shield in Minecraft games.

Also, let us know your experience about How to Make a Shield in Minecraft?

How SEO Helps in Marketing Your Website in 2019

How SEO Helps in Marketing Your Website in 2019

How SEO Helps in Marketing Your Website in 2019

Search engine optimization is important today. It is a need of every blogger to run their site. Every Blogger should know the rules and regulations of SEO. Because it is a great way to increase the quality of their websites by making them user- friendly, faster and easier. Furthermore, SEO Helps in Marketing Your Website in 2019.

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As the internet grows today more businesses are going online but in order let them give visible presence among millions of website. They need to market their website in a way to precisely stand out their business and SEO can be a key thing to market their business online.

Let’s take a look at:

Why is SEO important?

  • SEO is important for the smooth running of a big website.
  • It increases the user experience and usability of a website.
  • The Cost-effective way of marketing
  • If you have a well-optimized site, you’ll rank higher in search results.
  • An increase in traffic is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of SEO.

Role of On-Page SEO in Marketing a Website

SEO is all about Content, Keywords, and Backlinks. Content is the base to do SEO. SEO is of two types: ON-Page and OFF-Page. On-Page is all about your Title, keywords, feature Image, Meta Description, Tags, and content. If the title and material you provide in your article, you choose are good then automatically many audiences will share this on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and much more. It will go viral on other sites too. In this way, on-page SEO can help in marketing your Website.

Role of Off-Page SEO in Marketing a Website

Off-page SEO play a 60% role in Search engines. It’s about backlinking, No-follow and Do-follow Backlinks and much more.

Social Networking is bigger than ever these days. On google plus, you can join communities and share your Website’s content to built good links with social media. In this way, you can do social marketing of your site.

Direct Submission and guest Post also a great factor in marketing a Website. You just need to create a guest post and submit it to another site (Which has more backlinks and have traffic). On the other hand, there are multiple sites available for direct submission. If you write your articles yourself, then you can submit them to popular article directory sites like; Ezine, Go Articles, Now Public, etc.

 At last, What’s Conclusion?

According to statistics, Google now handles at least 2 trillion searches per year. Every google search depends on Search Engine Optimization. More the SEO of the Site, more the possibilities of searches. We discussed How SEO Helps in Marketing Your Website in 2017. On-Page and off-page both play an important role in making a marketing Website.

Latest Fashion Of Tunic Tops For Women 2019

Latest Fashion Of Tunic Tops For Women 2019

Latest Fashion Of Tunic Tops For Women 2019

Tunic tops are a coming trend in 2018. It was the trend in West but as time passes tunic tops become part of India and Pakistan. Indian and Pakistani girls fascinate with this trend much. Tunic tops are usually used with jeans. In this article, we will mention the Latest Fashion Of Tunic Tops For Women 2019.

Tunic tops for women are now present in every wardrobe of women in Pakistan and India. If we talk about other countries, this trend becomes famous before 2014, and soon it becomes popular in 2018 all over the World.

Why should Women wear Tunic Tops?

There are many reasons to wear this fashion of tunic tops for women 2018 because it is comfortable. There was survey recently in which women told that tunic tops are comfortable especially when wearing with Jeans.

Top 10 Best Tunic Tops

Tunic tops for women are available in different sizes, colors and design combinations. Moreover, it depends on you that how you choose the design. As there are multiple designs, you can overcome the tunic tops for women according to your tradition.

What are the advantages to wear Tunic Tops For Women 2019?

There are multiple advantages of using this fashion of tunic tops because you can wear dupatta as well with it. In Pakistan, there is a fashion of scarf and dupatta, and it is a tradition so you can wear tunic tops with dupatta as well.

Types of Tunic Tops for women

There are many types of Tunic tops for women. It depends on choice which design or guy you want to keep. (latest dress design 2019)

  • Half Floral Print Tunic
  • Half Animal Print Tunic
  • Navy Longline Sweater
  • Blue Bouclé Tunic
  • Red Print Insert Tunic
  • Pink/Grey Longline Shirt
  • Black Longline Shirt
  • Lipsy Pearl Diamond Tunic

Tunic Tops are also available in long skirts. Remember that dresses are different than tunic tops, but you can wear tops as skirts. As the winter season is coming, tunic tops for women are present in leather, velvet or sweater like stuff. The last year women were like to wear tops in sweater stuff now this fashion of tunic tops for women 2018 become most famous.

Let us know in the Comment? Which design of tunic tops do you like most? Share your Feedback with us about Pakistani fashion 2019.


Latest Anarkali Suits Dress Images 2019 For Women

Latest Anarkali Suits Dress Images 2019 For Women

Latest Anarkali Suits Dress Images 2019 For Women

Anarkali suits are in long with open at the end. It is like from(is an odd stuff used a few years ago). Anarkali suits dress for women are more advanced than simple frocks. In this extended run article, we will show you the beautiful Latest Anarkali Suits Dress Images 2019 For Women. (Latest Anarkali Suits Dress Images 2019 For Women)
Anarkali suits are tights dress from the bottom, and you can wear dupatta with this dress, it is your choice. Perfect woven to upgrade the ladylike excellence, the Anarkali suit is an absolute necessity have in each design. Collaborate the dress with tastefully decorated adornments. Moreover, it looks like the diva.

When to wear Anarkali dress 2019?

The advantage of this dress is you can wear Anarkali suits dress for women. In many Indian movies, we have seen that celebrities were wearing a long tight skirt. This dress is Anarkali dress which is becoming famous in 2019. In India, almost every girl has Anarkali dress in their wardrobe.

Its time for Pakistan that Anarkali suits dress for women are much simplified. Moreover, you can wear this dress in parties and functions. Because Anarkali is not just a dress, it is a tradition with dupatta and pajama in many regions.

Different Styles of Anarkali suits dress for women

Anarkali suits are present in various styles, for example, few costumes are long and open-ended like frock. Some outfits are tight with pajama and dupatta on the top.
Characteristics of Anarkali Dress?
There are few characteristics of such dress that this is available for different body shapes.

  • Available in Different body shapes.
  • Different designs are available.
  • You can wear this to any event.

How much comfortable Anarkali suits for Women is?

Anarkali suits are much comfortable as you think. Moreover, if this is your family get together or friends gathering, you can quickly wear Anarkali suits in 2019. Although, this dress is an alternative to boring dresses like saree, frocks, lehengas, etc.
Anarkali suits for women are present in different colors and styles for example, in net, zari and print form. If you like Anarkali suits for women 2019, let us know in the comment. We highly appreciated reader’s feedback.
Share your Beautiful Anarkali dresses with us.

Gold Nose Pin Special Designs For Girls 2019

Gold Nose Pin Special Designs For Girls 2019

Gold Nose Pin Special Designs For Girls

Gold Nose pin is an old fashion design as it was much used in Indian women. As the time passes, the trend has come into Pakistan and other Asian countries. Gold Nose Pin Special Designs For Girls 2019.

The significance of wearing a nose pin in Indian tradition

In India, we have seen that it is an old age tradition and have much significance for the old traditions women in India as well as Asia.

Nose stick in India is by and large worn on the nostril, yet a few ladies likewise wear it on their septum, that is, the ligament between the two nostrils.

Evolution of nose pins

there are some things that bring out the beauty of an Indian woman – the beauty that is world renowned. Though the concept of beauty is subjective, few would argue against these items. Nose pins are one such item.

Things that make up an Indian lady, nose pins have been a piece of Indian adornments since time obscure. For a considerable length of time nose pins were an image of the wedded lady, however, with a new time and current considerations, nose pins have now turned into a piece of easygoing adornments worn as a form explanation by ladies.

The perfect design for a nose pin

here we are providing you the gold nose pin special designs for girls. In gold color, the trend is common and viral in many regions of Pakistan and all over Asia. Moreover, we have seen that In Indian movies and dramas the trend of gold nose pin special designs for girls are emerging. There are marriages in which we can see this trend in various girls.

A tradition of gold nose pins

It might be the millionth time you will hear this, yet gold is a promising metal in Indian culture and conventions. That is the reason ladies are enhanced in gold gems from making a beeline for a toe. Staying aware of this custom, we have made select architect nose pins for ladies, gold hoops for ladies and gold bangles for ladies. We need you to look best whether it’s you’re wedding night. On the off chance that it is only an easygoing supper with a few companions.

There are many ways to buy nose pins online, where many stores offer beautiful gold nose pin special designs for girls.

In our online store, you can get the gold nose stick cost by your taste, on the grounds. That our range has everything: stud hoops for puncturing of the nose. We have put forth a valiant effort, so you don’t need to search for retail locations with gems for body piercing of questionable quality. You should simply to pick the gold nose stick with cost on the photograph and get it without leaving your home.

Download Patiala salwar suit designs Images 2019

Download Patiala salwar suit designs Images 2019

Download Patiala salwar suit designs Images 2019

The trend of wearing salwar kameez is prevalent in the Middle East. As the popularity goes on the Punjabi Patiala salwar suits got famous in the way as derived from the city of Patiala. The latest trends of wearing salwar kameez or Patiala salwar suit designs Images changes with time but the beauty of Punjabi dresses remains same. (What other places to wear Patiala salwar suit?).
Punjabis Girls are well known for their dressings. Patiala salwar is famous not in Punjab but a whole of the Middle East. The Patiala salwar history goes a long way back. These Patiala dresses are the strength of girls they even look more gorgeous in Patiala salwar.

Making of Patiala Shalwar:

Patiala salwar requires the double cloth as of simple salwar because of its beautiful pleats at the end. The kameez which is worn with Patiala salwar is a short kameez, so the beauty creases remain intact.

Patiala Salwar suits For Wedding:

The beauty of Patiala salwar is that it looks good in any event on regular days or hangouts. But if you are thinking to wear a Patiala salwar on wedding event it will be a good choice. You can choose Shahi Patiala salwar as your wedding dress by adding more pleats to it as in healthy and making the border more visible. So in this way, you will spark in the wedding event, and everyone will praise your dressing.
You can also mix up things like make a sleeveless kameez with Patiala salwar, or you can just choose standard sleeves. The contrast of Kameez and Patiala salwar will be the best.

What other places to wear Patiala salwar suit?

Patiala suits give desi look when girls wear and much comfortable at any event. Mehndi Events are mostly decorated with yellow color, and girls use yellow color Patiala salwar suit in this game. Moreover, this Patiala salwar suit is available in different stuff for example, in summers you can wear this thing in cotton. Although, the dupatta is necessary to wear this dress because it gives an extensive look.
On the other hand, if you want to wear this dress on Winter, velvet is the best choice in winter. It is available in velvet stuff with different colors.
Which Patiala salwar suit 2018 you like most? Let us know in the Comment

Download Bollywood Actress Pictures in Hot Dresses 2019

Download Bollywood Actress Pictures in Hot Dresses 2019

Download Bollywood Actress Pictures in Hot Dresses

Bollywood is always top in its fashion world. It always attracts the people with its glamorous looks & modern idealization of the designer. Moreover, Bollywood girls are no more behind with the latest trends. In this article, we will tell you how to download Bollywood Actress Pictures in Hot Dresses. Different dresses have the different effect on Bollywood actress. Nowadays the trend is common in Anarkali suits among the Bollywood actress.

On the other hand, the styling of this composes Anarkali suits plans have advanced over time, with most recent and best class patterns extending from floor lengths to typical knee lengths too. In every season you can wear the Anarkali suits which give a Bollywood actress pictures in hot dresses. Presently during this season of form world most recent Anarkali suit plans have turned into a most loved of each high school young lady and each lady too. And, this is likewise another truth that practically every Bollywood on-screen character has been seen in Anarkali suits and today I am accumulating a portion of the HD pictures of Anarkali suits that Bollywood performers have worn in this article.

Download Bollywood Actress Pictures in Hot Dresses

Here you can find out the best Download Bollywood Actress Pictures in Hot Dresses. If your designer is, good and know what to wear in the season and dress up you according to the season. Of course, you won’t face any difficulty in choosing out the dress and gives your best look in hot dresses. From this article, you can download Bollywood on-screen character HD pictures which one you need to decide for yourself to accomplish esteem and consideration same like Bollywood performing artists.

Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra Pictures in Hot Dresses

The most famous actress “Priyanka Chopra” who has been gotten tuned in of duplicate felines for wearing an outfit like one beforehand worn by Kangana Ranaut. The 35-year-old on-screen character as of late shot for ABC’s ability demonstrates The Gong Show.

Red dress with diving neck area designed by Ulyana Sergeenko. While her pictures are going viral now, her attires clearly seems to the same outfit that Ranaut wore a while ago while attending the Reebok Fit To Fight awards in New Delhi(Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra Pictures in Hot Dresses).

For example, we have seen from the past experiences and data that Bollywood repeats the dresses when the same season comes up. It takes help from the west and changes the fashion industry and it gives her pictures hot in beautiful dresses.

Bollywood Actress Deepika Padukone Pictures in Hot Dresses

Deepika Padukone or this present Victoria’s Secret Angel: Who wore the Prabal Gurung outfit better? For us, there’s a reasonable champ here! We think the Padmavati on-screen character wore her look better and those falling twists totally amazed us.

Bollywood Actress Alia Bhatt Pictures in Hot Dresses

Dolled up like a charming schoolgirl, both the on-screen characters wore the Gucci dress.  Enhanced with pink bands, yet we think Alia takes the cake!

Bollywood Actress Parineeti Chopra or Kriti Sanon Pictures in Hot Dresses

Let us know in the comment which outfits you want to Download Bollywood Actress Pictures in Hot Dresses.

Download Latest Blouse Back Neck Designs for Women 2019

Download Latest Blouse Back Neck Designs for Women 2019

Download Latest Blouse Back Neck Designs for Women 2019

Back Neck designs for blouse give an immense look to the whole blouse when wearing on the party or function. When you wear a sarhee, it is noticed that front part of the blouse mostly covered with dupatta of the sarhee. There are many types of latest blouse back neck designs.  In this article, we will show you the amazing different styles of blouse back designs for women. Download Latest Blouse Back Neck Designs for Women 2019.

Black Embroidery with Jewel Pendant hanging Back Blouse Design

There is a dazzling diamond in the center of the back neck design of blouse which gives a beauty of the blouse. On the other hand, the beauty of this black color blouse is that you can easily wear this with sarhee of black color.

Motif Sheer back Blouse Design

This is available in color of a pink blouse with a sheer back design featuring a traditional with a colorful pattern and embroidery delicately on the back- sheer blouse.

Monochrome Pearl Studded Blouse Design

There are an extra edge and style on the collar, it looks simple and ordinary but on the events, it shines on the back of the blouse. Don’t you want to wear sarhee with this? Yes, no need to wear sarhee, after all, it rolls in this classic blouse design.

It is present in different colors and designs of a piece. With a spell-casting pattern and pyramid play on the back.

Back open blouse back design

It is available in blue and black color. The blue color looks good and impressive if you want to impress your friends.

Collar neck blouse back design

Collar neck design cover your whole back from the back and front and back are same as usual.  Moreover, this latest blouse back designs for women is one of the wonderful collection. You can try this blouse back design in a formal meeting.

High neck blouse back design

High neck blouse is one of these latest blouse back neck designs for women. It is used nowadays in different movies and dramas in many cultures. Although, the shine and bright color sarhee you can wear with this beautiful blouse.

How to download Latest Blouse Back neck designs for women?

There are many stores online in which you can make your choice, select and order for latest blouse back neck for yourself and friends. Although, there are many physical stores exists with latest fashions you can buy from these stores.

Let us know in the comment, which latest Blouse Back Neck designs for women you like most? Share your Images with us.