Reasons for Windows 10 Wi-Fi Problems After Update – Windows 10 Can’t Find Wi-Fi

Reasons for Windows 10 Wi-Fi Problems After Update - Windows 10 Can't Find Wi-Fi

The main question in every Windows 10 user’s mind that What is the cause that WiFi doesn’t work after the update? OR, Reasons for Windows 10 Wi-Fi Problems. We are happy to say that these problems do not occur every time there must few cases when it happens. In our previous article, we discuss in details that How to Fix Windows 10 Wi-Fi Problem after update Windows 10. We discussed many ways to fix the Wi-Fi problems in Windows. Here we have to see that What are the major Reasons for Windows 10 Wi-Fi Problems.

Wi-Fi Drivers are not Updated (Reasons for Windows 10 Wi-Fi Problems)

Yes, this is one of these causes that when you update your Windows 10, there is a chance that your Wi-Fi or network drivers don’t update properly. Also, your drivers are not compatible with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and cause windows 10 won’t show available networks. Moreover, Windows 10 won’t show available networks after Creators Update/Anniversary Update. To make sure all your driver are installed properly or not, follow the below steps to check the Reasons for Windows 10 Wi-Fi Problems:

  • Go to the Cortana in Windows 10 or Start Menu (Whatever you say for searching any software in Windows 10).
  • Type Device Manager.
  • Open the Device Manager in Windows 10.
  • You will see many drivers installed already.
  • Expand the Network Adapters.
  • Check all the drivers are installed properly or not.

Note: If there are few drivers that are not installed yet means it is one of the reasons that cause Wi-Fi problem in Windows after an update. Follow the below to link to install drivers:

How to download and Install Windows 10 Wi-Fi Drivers

How do you fix your WiFi on Windows 10?

This question in the mind of several Windows 10 users that how can they fix Wi-FI problems on Windows 10. As there is a link to follow in the first paragraph of this article in which we mentioned different ways to fix this.

To get the latest WLAN drivers, you have to use device manager that we already discussed above that how can you check your drivers are installed properly or not. Here is another short trip that you can follow:

  • The router you are using must have a power cable, remove the cable and put it again after few seconds.
  • Also, unplug the power wire or cable from the modem.
  • After unplugging, wait for at least 30 seconds then turn on the modem and router again.
  • Restart your PC too now you can see all the available Wi-Fi will display.

These are possible Reasons for Windows 10 Wi-Fi Problems.

Unsupported VPN Software Causing WiFi Network Problems

It is possible that when you had Windows 8 or 7 and you used different VPN softwares that may cause the driver issues. Also, it is possible, in Windows 8 or 7 you do not feel or face such wifi network issue in which Windows 10 wifi can’t connect to this network. After upgrading to Windows 10, that VPN software didn’t update and cause the driver issue in your Windows 10 permanently.

Ethernet Wire Is not Working that is Why WiFi not working after Update Windows 10

Yes, if your ethernet cable is too old and you feel that it needs to change then go for it. And, try to use another ethernet cable and check either it solve a problem or not(Reasons for Windows 10 Wi-Fi Problems). The possible errors for this you may face are:

  1. Windows 10 wifi driver download.
  2. Windows 10 wifi disconnects frequently.
  3. Also, Windows 10 network adapter missing.
  4. Windows 10 won’t show available networks.
In the Long Run, Whats Conclusion about Reasons for Windows 10 Wi-Fi Problems?

We have seen the different Reasons for Windows 10 Wi-Fi Problems. For example, Ethernet, drivers, VPN Softwares causing Wifi to not connect to a specific network. We will try to update with all about Wi-Fi problems and their solution on our site.

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